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Last week, a classroom of sixth graders in Evansville, Indiana put The Mad Video to the test.

Sixth grade teacher Lorie Mansker set out to teach her students about the elements of biography. But this time, there would be no papers to grade. After reading a biography of choice, students combined information from the text and relevant online material to create an interactive project to share with their classmates. Given the options of developing a Google Docs presentation, creating a Thinglink, or using The Mad Video, the latter was the overwhelming favorite.

According to Miss Mansker:

“I will say the most excitement came from students who chose The Mad Video. Many students are asking if we can start another project using The Mad Video. They are anxious to try the new tags!! Many who did not do The Mad Video for their biography presentation are really wanting to create one now! They are all so engaged and excited about learning through the use of your tool!!”

The students weighed in as well:

“I think it was really cool because she really cares about our education to make sure that we succeed in life. I thought it was cool that she was giving her effort to insert something new that helped us learn.”

“It’s still educational while being better than just reading words on a screen.”

“Even doing a Google Docs presentation is not as fun as getting to insert your own information through bubbles in a video.”

So interactive video easily transitioned into an elementary school classroom, but what about higher education with older pupils and a different realm of instruction?

Dr. Kevin Kaatz, a professor at California State University, East Bay is using The Mad Video in his history courses already and he’s proclaimed the tool “a great resource… The tagging really adds to the overall experience of the student since the tags allow them to get additional information. I also love how the video stops while the material in the tags is being examined.” In the upcoming winter quarter, he plans to have his students create their own interactive video with The Mad Video. He’s excited to see what they create and how they take to this innovative learning technique.

If these sixth grade and university level classes are any indication, and we sure hope they are, then interactive video and The Mad Video are the next big things to happen to education. Always trying to keep up with students interests, cutting-edge educators seek to stay one step ahead in their classrooms and we think we’ve found the next step!

Adapting to the needs out there, The Mad Video team is fascinated by the success with which our platform entered education and is asking questions to make sure our product can meet the demands of next-gen education.